In order for EDEN to achieve its goals and differentiate itself, it has to follow a solid process in both its internal office and in site. That process should assure teams collaboration and come with exclusion standards that will guarantee EDEN’s quality and prevent any delays




  • Step 01
  • Step 02
  • Step 03
  • Step 04

Step 01:


  • Interviewing new customers.
  • Understanding customer’s needs, characteristic, and hopes and document it.
  • Closing a deal.
  • Project manager to get the project and break it down into tasks.


Step 02:


  • Nova team to start working on the main concept, then the design and there should be a defined & Determined time for such process.
  • Introduce to a presentation that get reviewed with the upper management before presenting it to the customer.


Step 03:


  • The technical team to turn designs into execution plans that will get communicated with the site engineer.
  • Technical Engineer should have at least a weekly meeting with the Site Engineer in site.


Step 04:


  • Site engineer to take care of the execution plans.
  • Upper management, project manager and the technical engineer will have an auditing part on the site engineer.